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IABC Biblical Counselor Training Centers are like-minded counseling organizations and churches that have affiliated with the International Association of Biblical Counselors.  These organizations share agreement with the philosophy, statement of faith and practices of IABC and provide training for counselors who wish to be certified by IABC.



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IABC Training Centers are directed by certified Biblical counselors, active with IABC, to uphold a high standard of training new certified Biblical counselors for counseling excellence and Biblical integrity, through a uniform approach to counseling, providing cohesion in the Biblical Counseling movement.
From the President of IABC:

Dear Training Center Director,


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We count it a great privilege to partner with you as you serve as a Director of an IABC  Training Center. As the IABC Board of Directors, we desire to do all that we can to make  your ministry successful and a blessing to many others. We look forward to working  together, encouraging one another in the ministry of Biblical Counseling, and helping to  increase the effectiveness of our discipling ministries.  

To help you organize and run your Training Center, we have developed this IABC  Training Center Guide, as a tool to answer and address as many of the items related to  you as a Training Center Director as we can. Please read it carefully, and if you have any  questions or recommendations, feel free to contact our Training Center Oversight Team through [email protected] 

Our Training Centers are vital to the success and fruitfulness of IABC. These regional  ministries are where our philosophy of authentic Biblical Counseling grounded in the  sufficiency of Scripture is transmitted to pastors, churches, and individual counselors.  We truly believe that the Bible provides all the information necessary for the healing of  the heart, soul, mind, and spirit of God’s children as we allow the Holy Spirit to minister  His Word to our lives. That is why we are so excited that you share our commitment to  the sufficiency of Scripture in dealing with every issue people face in our troubled world  (2 Peter 1:3-8).  

We look forward to your fellowship during our phone conversations, Zoom meetings, and face-to-face meetings at regional and national conferences. Thank you for your  willingness to share this ministry of genuine Biblical Counseling.  

May our Lord Jesus bless and encourage you in His service!  

Partners in the Gospel,

Purpose of the IABC Training Center

IABC Training Centers Change Lives

Biblical Counseling is one of the most powerful and fastest growing movements today. Its impact is being felt throughout the Church and in the lives of many individuals. As God’s choice over modern secular psychology, Biblical Counseling is an effective force in changing the lives of those who seek Him and His solutions to the struggles and burdens  in their lives.

IABC Training Centers Are Biblically Based

IABC is a response to organizations and individuals who saw the need for basic, uniform standards, beliefs, and practices in counseling that would provide a wide tent for a diversity of orthodox Christian beliefs while maintain continuity in the essentials of the  faith. IABC is a unifying force for the church; we are simply churches, ministries, and  individual believers helping the Church fulfill its mission of disciple-making and one anothering ministry. IABC Training Centers hold to the inerrancy of Scripture in faith, and the sufficiency of God’s Word in practice.

IABC Training Centers Offer Training and Support

IABC Training Centers promote Biblical Counseling and discipleship through personal  training and education, seminars, conferences, and workshops. They encourage the  development of biblical research and tap into the IABC counselor network for the exchange of information, mutual support and encouragement, and counselee referral when needed. The continuity of our training programs and our continuing education  program help to ensure that this network of Certified Biblical Counselors provides consistent biblically-sound encouragement and counsel across the association.

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